How to Plan for Profitable Growth

The Marketing Strategy & Planning Workbook for the Successful Business will help you to create a plan for your business with easy step by step instructions.

  • The Workbook gives you the tools you need to create plans to help your business grow profitability right now.
  • The Workbook also gives you the tools to be a better manager in any business, anywhere, every time.
  • The Workbook is structured to recognize the reality of time pressures on managers of smaller businesses.
  • The Workbook explains in detail how to create plans and demonstrates why you should create plans.
  • The Workbook will help you with the thinking about the planning, and, with over 50 exercises and planning pages, will help you do the planning.  Work your way through the Workbook and the free downloadable Resources on this website and you will have a plan at the end.

And remember, most smaller businesses fail because of a lack of planning, and we know planning is hard work. The Workbook will make it easier.

So read Chapter Two.  It is the full Chapter, and it is free.  If you come away from Chapter Two with just one good idea, you will understand why you need the Workbook to manage and grow your business.

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